Changing the A/C Filter: It’s a Never-Ending Job

Changing the A/C filter in your Mid-Ohio home could be the single most important task you undertake to keep your air conditioning system working efficiently and dependably. When dust and other airborne particulates collect on the air filter, it slows the airflow through the blower, which retards the cooling process. Eventually, the dust on the filter will work its way into the blower, which can cause serious system problems.

It's a good idea to check the air filter monthly and clean or change it when it's dirty. Some people check it when they get their electric bill, since a clean air filter reduces air conditioning bills. When you replace the air filter, verify that you're getting the exact size for the replacement. A filter that doesn't completely fill the frame that holds it lets in unfiltered air, along with any particulates carried in the air. 

When dust builds inside the blower, it can cover the evaporator coil, which slows the heat exchange process. The liquid refrigerant picks up the heat from your home and this turns it into a gas. If there's too much dust covering the coil, the refrigerant will have a harder time converting from a liquid to a gas. This can cause the system to run continuously, freeze the coil over, and eventually burn out the compressor. This expensive repair is avoidable by changing the A/C filter when it's dirty. 

Over time, restricted airflow through the blower will cause the fan motor to fail, as well. It has to work harder and longer to pull the air over the evaporator coil and through your ducts. The airborne particles can also build inside your ducts, which may ultimately necessitate professional duct cleaning, another avoidable expense. 

If anyone in your household suffers from airborne allergies, keeping the filter clean should help alleviate some of the symptoms, especially when using filters that capture smaller particulates, such as the pleated types found in home centers and other retailers. 

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