Air Handlers

What are Air Handlers?

An air handler is all about the efficient warming and cooling of your home. It helps to ensure every square inch of your house is comfortable. It also helps to ensure that no matter where you are, the temperature is the same everywhere in your home. As we alluded to above, air handlers are used in both the warming and cooling of your home and work very nicely in conjunction with a heat pump. For those that do not have furnaces, air handlers can be a great option. Air handlers are sometimes referred to as a fan coil unit. Air handlers help control the temperature of your home using electric that heats and cools the heat strips within the unit.

Air Handler Installation

If you currently have an air handler that is in need of replacement or if you are looking to add an air handler to your home, Joe Behr is here to help. Our HVAC contractors have extensive experience installing the best air handlers from Lennox. If your home doesn't have a furnace, then an air handler is an integral part of your space's HVAC system. For the highest quality HVAC systems, contact the experienced contractors at Joe Behr! We are on standby for any installations or repairs that your space requires.

Lennox Air Handlers

To ensure that your space is receiving the finest and top quality equipment, Joe Behr only uses the best. As certified Lennox dealers and installers, we carry a variety of options to help you find the perfect match for your home. Our HVAC contractors and technicians will evaluate your space and guide you and help select the right air handler for you. 

Contact Joe Behr About Your Air Handler

If you are in need of air handler repair and installation, make sure to reach out to Joe Behr! Our technicians and HVAC contractors are ready to help increase the efficiency of your HVAC system. Get in touch with us, here.