Planned Service Agreements

Anything mechanical needs routine maintenance - just like your car, to make sure it is operating safely and efficiently. It is the same way with your new or existing heating and air conditioning system.

Routine maintenance is something everyone does at small and large levels whether we realize it or not. We make doctor and dentist appointments, change the oil in our vehicles, add air to our tires, charge our cells phones overnight, and various other tasks.

We do these things to stop potential problems before they start. This is the same concept with your whole home heating and cooling system. Regular system tune-ups will also help reduce energy consumption by keeping your heating and cooling system operating at peak efficiency.

Air Conditioners, Furnaces, Heat pumps, and air purifiers all require regular maintenance. Without maintenance these systems can malfunction or become inoperable.

Our planned service agreement gives you the peace of mind of knowing your heating and air conditioning equipment is protected by professional technicians. Our technicians are qualified to maintain and service all major brands of heating and air conditioning equipment.

Regular maintenance of heating and air conditioning equipment is required at the change of seasons. The demands and requirements of heating systems are different from those of air conditioning systems. Systems that are not properly maintained will use more energy than they should and will not provide the comfort you expect from your investment.

An improperly maintained furnace can harm you or your loved ones by sending toxic fumes into your home often unknown to you. A faulty furnace may also cause a fire and destroy your valuables or cause harm to humans. Having a planned service agreement with Joe Behr Plumbing and Heating, Inc. will ease your mind and ensure you are getting the most from your investment in heating and air conditioning equipment...

The average life of a furnace is approximately 25 years. This number is only accurate when the furnace is properly maintained. Warranty is also a big issue. If your furnace is still under the warranty coverage period but has not been serviced by a qualified technician, your warranty may be void. If you do not have records of regular maintenance, you may have to pay a costly repair
bill yourself

Learn more about our maintenance agreement here. Contact us today.

Planned Service Benefits:

  • Save you money on monthly utility bills
  • Save you money by extending the life of your equipment
  • Save you money on expensive repair bills and untimely breakdowns
  • Give you peace of mind - routine service ensures a safer system
  • Provide Priority Service year round, whenever you need it