Recently, a member of your team went way "above and beyond" what was expected to help us with a predicament and I felt you should know about it. I am full of praise and thanks to Joe Behr Plumbing and Heating.Joe Behr worked persistently to locate an old style valve for our very old bathtub. Your efforts saved us from having to do some pretty extensive work involving a hole through our dining room ceiling to gain access to the second floor bathroom plumbing. We just had the interior of the house professionally painted, and having to "un-do" some of the work we had just done seemed unbearable. Joe Behr saved the day...and hopefully the next several years...where you located and installed the new valves and stems you found!I just wanted to say "thank you" to Joe Behr once again, and to let you know how much I appreciated yourprofessionalism and perseverance.


We have been working with Joe Behr since 1989. Recently Joe Behr came to our home for repair work. Just like in 1989, I received the same top quality service that I can expect from Joe Behr.


I'd like to thank Joe Behr Plumbing and Heating for the recent work that was done at my home. I particularly
appreciated the honoring my request to meet the company owner and him coming out to do the original evaluation on the plumbing problem I was having. The plumber later came out to fix the exterior drain problem and install a new sump pump. Not only is it quieter, but the sump pump cycles less. All too often, companies that do excellent and
professional work are not thanked. Thank you Joe Behr Plumbing and Heating!


They were able to send someone out right away. The tech was very helpful answering all my questions. I felt like he had our best interest in mind as he encouraged me to try a less expensive repair first and see how it is next season. Thank you!


I want to thank you for assisting my grandmother with her recent annual furnace maintenance needs. Your technician, Matt, did a wonderful job in servicing the old furnace-and in doing so detected a problem that could have been releasing CO into the home. He was helpful in obtaining the information and parts needed to locate and install our new furnace. He did a wonderful job representing your company as a competent, professional technician. Thank you for your service.


Josh was very knowledgeable-he was polite & nice. He did a good job-You don't see many servicemen like Joshanymore. Thank you.


My dealer is Joe Behr Plumbing and Heating and I am very satisfied with my Lennox product and their service.Thank you for asking!


Mike--thanks for changing my flat tire. Your skill and strength made the task go much faster!!!


Joe Behr has been my plumbing and heating company for over 15 years. I can highly recommend them. Being awidow and past 80 years old--these are wonderful people I can rely on.


We really appreciate how professional and quickly the new furnace was installed. We felt well informed after the time Mike spent with us deciding what furnace to install. We have been married 34 years and the only heating people we have ever dealt with is Joe Behr. This is their second furnace installation for us. We have been loyal customers because we appreciate the quality of service and trust that we have with them starting back with Grandpa Joe Behr.

Joe N.

Thank you Behr plumbing and heating for providing quick and professional installation of our new furnace and air conditioning unit. Brandon & Daryn worked extremely hard and fast. They cleaned up so well that I would've never known they were here. We will be recommending the friendly service of Behr in the future.


I was impressed with the installers. When they tested the equipment, they were not satisfied with the 'sound' of something, ordered a replacement part, arranged to come back to complete the installation and did not sign-off until their high standards were met. Yes, I would recommend this company to others. It's really too soon to evaluate the product. I am enjoying the coolness and low humidity, and without running my old dehumidifier 24/7, my electric bill is actually less. What a pleasant surprise.

M. Campbell

Josh thanks so much for allowing us to borrow your tool to help us fix our water heater.! We found a new element for it at a Sears Replacement Parts store in Columbus. We really appreciate your help with this matter! Thanks.

Susan & Bruce

Saturday I had a furnace problem and Matt was sent to our home. Wow!! Matt went beyond Joe Behr's services. He is an excellent employee. Please tell him I appreciate his service. Matt made 2 trips to our home so I could have heat. Thank you Matt.


Dear Mr. Behr, I would like to thank you for helping us in Cubatonic Engineering. Joe Behr Plumbing was our primary source of building materials. Your contribution to our project was very helpful, and greatly appreciated. The product that we developed in class was successful. Without your efforts, we wouldn't have been able to accomplish what we did on our class project. Thanks again.

J.Reeder, Shelby High School

Thank you for sending Matt as we return to the Joe Behr team..so nice to work with competent and courteous professionals once again. Lesson learned.


Thank you for making sure that my mother has a furnace that works tonight. With the passing of my father on 10/9 we've been dealing with so many issues. Your tech showed up a day early, did a great job and gave us one less issue to deal with!


Sometime ago I had one of your employee's come and do my heat as part of contract. My congratulations on getting a wonderful person as he was-Daryn. Not only did he do his job in a likely manner he also fixed another problem I had without any trouble and set my mind at ease.


Thanks for the quick service. It's good to have heat again. The man who worked on the furnace was very good-He explained things and was very pleasant. Thanks again. Joanne


Mike, I would like to thank you for the time you took to plan our job so well. Also all the men who worked on it were very polite and professional. Thanks for a job well done. Jim

Jim Kastran

Dear Mike, Thank you so much for the fast service we received Friday in repairing our air conditioner. Matt was great !! Such customer service is very rare these days. We just wanted to let you know how much it was appreciated. Keep up the good work. Thanks a bunch. Stay cool!

Mr. and Mrs. B