Don't Let Excess Dust Impede A/C Performance

Excess dust has the potential to impede the performance of an A/C unit in several different ways. You may not even be aware of a dust problem with your unit, but it can come from a variety of sources. Of course, dust storms out West are a fact of life, but even northern climes can experience excessive wind-blown dust, along with dust stirred up from street sweeping, construction areas and heavy traffic. All of these things can and do throw up excess dust into the air, and that dust can severely compromise the performance of any A/C unit.

The first thing to do is to keep your A/C filters clean or in regular replacement. Most types are of foam construction and can be washed in a soapy dishwater solution. After drying, they should be placed back into the filter box for complete protection. This should be done monthly, on average, but if your unit is subjected to frequent exposure to dust, a weekly wash might be a better idea. The easiest route, of course, is just to replace your filter on a regular basis.

Dust also acts like an abrasive, so exposed fans and motors should be covered up when they aren't being used in the off season. Abrasive dust can wear away components like bearings and shafts, so cleaning these areas, as a regular part of maintenance, should be done yearly, and perhaps as often as four times per year in an extremely dusty environment.

Exposed electrical components, like electrical boxes and relay stations, are also subject to abrasive dust. A simple brushing may be all that's needed here, but always remember to turn the power off before attempting to brush or clean off any electrical components.

Lastly, as insurance for the longevity of your A/C system, call in your service technician for comprehensive cleaning and servicing. At Joe Behr Plumbing & Heating, we will clean all the components of your A/C system to keep it up and running, dust free, throughout the entire cooling season.

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