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Home Insulation: The Various Types And Their Different Uses

Insulation is your home's version of a warm jacket; it keeps you warm and provides some amount of protection against the elements. Home insulation basically seals in heat in order to maintain an even temperature indoors. The right home insulation material saves you money and helps you maximize your energy resources. Find out how insulation works by understanding which types are appropriate for specific uses. Here is a short guide:

Blankets are usually sold as rolls or batts of flexible insulation made from materials such as fiberglass, plastic or natural fibers, and slag or rock wool. Blankets are often available in standard, pre-cut sizes that fit wall spacings, floor and attic joists. They can be trimmed to use in spacing that does not meet standard sizing. There are also batts sold with vapor-retarder or flame-resistant facing for extra protection. 

Loose-fill or blown-in
Loose-fill home insulation is usually made from loose cellulose, rock wool, and fiberglass pellets or fibers. These are blown by pneumatic equipment in order to spread them over a target area, such as wall cavities and attic floors. Because these can fill small spaces, they are excellent for use in irregularly shaped areas and corners. Fiberglass and cellulose may also be mixed with foam or adhesive to make them adhere to vertical spaces such as walls. Due to the nature of the material, loose-fill insulation is usually applied by professionals.

Foam is a good option for finished areas, around obstructions, enclosed walls, attic floors and irregularly shaped areas. It's available in spray cans or through a pressure sprayer. Foam insulation may be open-cell or closed-cell. Unlike closed-cell foam, open-cell insulation allows vapor to pass through but it has a comparatively low R-value.

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