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For Leaner Energy Bills, Consider Lowering Your Cooling Load

September 6, 2012 Mike Behr
It sure seems like it's going to be a long, hot summer after some of the record-breaking heat that’s been afflicting the Mid-Ohio area. Not only do you feel like yo
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Preventing Mold Growth In The Drip Pan Of Your A/C: 3 Foolproof Tips

September 4, 2012 Mike Behr
As wonderful as it is to enjoy the hot summer weather, it can be equally as wonderful to head inside for some air conditioned relief. Your cooling system is hard at work
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Your Air Conditioner And Ceiling Fans: You'll Do Better If You Run Them Together

August 30, 2012 Mike Behr
Now that the Ohio summer is in full swing, your energy bills are probably rising like the mercury. Fortunately, there's a way to keep your cool and manage your cooling ex
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Insulation And Ventilation: Rx For The Attic That's Spiking A Temp

August 28, 2012 Mike Behr
An overly hot attic is an infectious problem that will leave your whole house suffering. An attic without proper insulation and ventilation can reach temperatures up to 1
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Are Energy Vampires Catching You Unaware As They Overpower Your Home?

August 23, 2012 Mike Behr
Like so many other homeowners, you're actively seeking ways to reduce your home's electric bill. Most people think that changing to energy-efficient light bulbs or turnin
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Your Air Conditioner's Out? Try These Simple Troubleshooting Tips

August 21, 2012 Mike Behr
Air conditioner maintenance and repair often requires professional help, but trying to troubleshoot problems first might save time and money. What looks like a major repa
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Refrigerant Huffing: Why You Need To Know About It

August 16, 2012 Mike Behr
There is a dangerous and shocking trend among drug-abusing teens these days: refrigerant huffing. This potentially fatal practice is becoming more common, though it is ea
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Preparing For The Next Blackout: Your Checklist

August 14, 2012 Mike Behr
Living in the Mid-Ohio area, we're all familiar with summer storms, some of which can lead to prolonged blackouts. The eastern half of the nation has already been hit by
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Solar Installations -- Estimating The Costs And Understanding The Benefits

August 9, 2012 Mike Behr
A solar power system for your home is a wise investment in long-term energy efficiency, conservation and economy. Solar power is clean, constantly renewable, reliable and
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Hiring A Qualified HVAC Contractor -- 7 Factors To Consider

August 7, 2012 Mike Behr
When your home's HVAC system needs to be repaired or replaced, you want to hire a qualified HVAC contractor to do the job. Not every HVAC contractor is qualified, however
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Proper Weatherization Techniques Make All The Difference

August 2, 2012 Mike Behr
Most people are happy to find ways to save on their utility bills, especially when summer heat has them using the air conditioner almost continuously. What many people do
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Alleviate The Strain Of Summer Allergies With These 3 HVAC Tips

July 31, 2012 Mike Behr
Are you looking for an easy way to beat the heat on the second floor of your home? An attic fan will not only help keep your home cooler this summer, it will also lower y
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