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Using A Whole-House Humidifier As Part Of Your Whole-Health Strategy During Winter

February 28, 2013 Mike Behr
Many people look at dry indoor air in the winter as a harmless nuisance, but in reality, air that has less than 30 percent humidity is not healthy.
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Understanding The Role Of Furnace Filters

February 26, 2013 Mike Behr
The filter in your forced-air furnace serves a crucial job in delivering warm air to the rooms in your home.
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Learn How Air Sealing Prevents Garage Fumes From Moving Into Your Home

February 21, 2013 Mike Behr
By educating yourself on the toxic air from your garage and how proper air sealing can help, you can be more secure about your indoor air quality.
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Using A Heat Recovery Ventilator In Your "Tight" Home

February 19, 2013 Mike Behr
With a heat recovery ventilator, you can enjoy fresh air any time of year, and boost your indoor air quality for greater comfort and health – without boosting your utility bills.
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A Strategy For Preventing Ice Dams On The Roof Of Your Mid-Ohio Home

February 14, 2013 Mike Behr
Although you can’t always keep an eye out for them, preventing ice dams could spare you the stress of making extensive and costly repairs to your home.
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Energy Star's Most Efficient Label Showcases The Best Of The Best

February 12, 2013 Mike Behr
Are you looking for the "best of the best" HVAC equipment? If so, you'll want to pay attention to Energy Star's new Most Efficient label.
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What To Do When Strange Smells Are Coming From The Furnace

February 7, 2013 Mike Behr
If strange smells are coming from the furnace in your Mid-Ohio home, this could signal a serious problem, or at the very least something that needs to be addressed immediately.
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Learn How Condensing Furnaces Conserve Energy

February 5, 2013 Mike Behr
When choosing a furnace for your Mid-Ohio home, you should consider a high-efficiency condensing furnace. A condensing furnace performs similarly to a conventional furnace with one major exception.
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Here's A Guide To Avoiding Frozen Pipes This Winter

January 31, 2013 Mike Behr
If you’ve been wondering what to do with that pile of threadbare and tattered socks taking up space in your drawer, the day has come. Press them into action by wrapping your household pipes with them so that your pipes don’t freeze and possibly burst during a cold Mid-Ohio winter.
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Why Whole-House Humidifiers Extend Improved Comfort

January 29, 2013 Mike Behr
If you want relief from the discomforts and adverse affects of dry winter air, you can’t go wrong with a whole-house humidifier to extend home comfort by relieving health issues and preventing static-electric shocks, and you can even save energy and protect your possessions at the same time.
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Winter Emergency Preparedness: How Mid-Ohio Homeowners Can Survive Power Outages

January 24, 2013 Mike Behr
While it's important to be prepared for any kind of power outage, winter emergency preparedness may be the most critical of all. A loss of power in the winter means that While it's important to be prepared for any kind of power outage, winter emergency preparedness may be the most critical of all. A loss of power in the winter means that it will be hard to maintain the heat in your home unless you have a wood-burning fireplace or stove. Taking a little time to get ready before a winter storm hits will help you wait it out without sacrificing your health and possibly comfort.
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Here's How To Ensure Home Energy Efficiency Over The Winter

January 22, 2013 Mike Behr
Be prepared for winter weather by using this checklist, and you’ll ensure home energy efficiency and comfort all season long.
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