Pro Tips

What To Consider When You're Shopping For A Water Heater

July 14, 2011 Mike Behr 17 comments
Mid-Ohio homeowners have more choices than ever when purchasing a new water heater, and it's helpful to understand the types available as well as the trade-offs involved.
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How A Programmable Thermostat Optimizes The Efficiency Of Your Cooling System

July 12, 2011 Mike Behr 146 comments
Programmable thermostats are proven money savers that make precise control of your home's temperature easy. Joe Behr Plumbing and Heating. We've been in business since 19
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How A Heat Pump Can Keep You Cool In The Middle Of A Muggy Ohio Summer

July 7, 2011 Mike Behr 165 comments
Who needs a heat pump in the summertime? Many homeowners are discovering that economical and energy-efficient heat pump systems are a great alternatives to air conditione
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It's True -- The Best Time To Select A New Furnace Is When You Don't Need One

July 5, 2011 Mike Behr 24 comments
The worst time to have to choose a new furnace is when your current system fails -- in the middle of winter. Pressures to get the heat back up and running can cause you t
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What Preventive Maintenance Of Your HVAC System Involves

June 29, 2011 Mike Behr 27 comments
Here in mid-Ohio, we use our home comfort systems year-round. A little preventive maintenance will keep your heating and air conditioning systems ready to run smoothly wh
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Welcome To Joe Behr Plumbing and Heating\'s New Home Comfort Blog!

June 27, 2011 Mike Behr 145 comments
Residents here in the mid-Ohio area -- and everywhere -- want to enjoy a comfortable home environment with excellent indoor air quality while staying within a reasonable
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