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Degree Days, And How They Enter Your Energy-Use Calculations

August 25, 2011 Mike Behr
One of the frustrating things about utility bills is they are not always constant. One month you're paying a low total and then the next month your energy bill is nearly
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Planning Some Autumn Landscaping? Plant With Your Home's Insulation In Mind

August 23, 2011 Mike Behr
Autumn is an excellent time of year to start working on a landscaping plan to maximize the efficiency of your home’s insulation. In fact, one of the best ways to bo
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Go With A Zoning System, And End Your Family's Battle Of The Thermostat

August 18, 2011 Mike Behr 2 comments
Unless you live with your family in a one-room cabin, you probably have conflicts over the best thermostat setting to keep everybody happy. Because of the layout of your
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Easy Ways To Allergy-Proof Your Home During The Peak Of Ohio's Pollen Season

August 16, 2011 Mike Behr 2 comments
During the peak of Ohio's pollen season, there's a good chance you're going to want to allergy-proof your home. It's an important precaution if you don't the rest of your
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Shopping For A High-Efficiency Air Conditioner? Look For The SEER Rating And The Energy Star Label

August 11, 2011 Mike Behr 1 comments
Air conditioners all look roughly the same. An air conditioner is not something that you can take a glance at and immediately tell whether or not it is a quality unit, or
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Decoding Dehumidifiers: What You Need To Know Before You Start Looking

August 9, 2011 Mike Behr 1 comments
Ready to do something about that cold, damp basement? A dehumidifier may be the solution to your home's moisture problems. While seen most often in basement areas, portab
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Up To $1,900 In Lennox Rebates And Federal Tax Credits Make This Summer An Optimal Time To Upgrade

August 4, 2011 Mike Behr 2 comments
Upgrading to new heating and cooling equipment is an ideal way to get better energy savings. However, after taking the first step in looking to upgrade you may be weary a
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How Your HVAC Contractor Will Tailor Your High-Efficiency Air Conditioner To The Unique Requirements Of Your Home

August 2, 2011 Mike Behr 1 comments
Proper sizing is just as important to long-term system efficiency as the SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) or energy-enhancing features you may find on today’
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With The Right Carbon Monoxide Detector You Can Breathe Easy

July 28, 2011 Mike Behr 2 comments
Every winter, here in Mid-Ohio, we hear tragic news reports of families overcome by carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning. What makes things worse is realizing how easily such a
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Taking That Summer Vacation? Program Your Thermostat Before Go, And Spend Your Energy Savings On Souvenirs

July 26, 2011 Mike Behr 1 comments
Although there's always plenty to do here in Mid-Ohio during the summer months, occasionally folks take off for a vacation. You might not realize it, but that vacation aw
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Yes, You Can Still Get Tax Credits For An Investment In Energy-Efficient Equipment

July 21, 2011 Mike Behr 3 comments
It seems that the federal government was pretty serious about encouraging energy-efficient home improvements, because many excellent were extended and are still availabl
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Why Your HVAC System Needs An Annual Service Check

July 19, 2011 Mike Behr 2 comments
Keeping your home-comfort system in top shape is just as important as getting regular maintenance on your car. After all, if your A/C or heating system breaks down when y
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