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Worried About Furnace Efficiency This Winter? Schedule Preventive Maintenance Now

November 22, 2011 Mike Behr
If you’re at all concerned about getting the best results from your furnace this winter, you need to schedule preventive maintenance for it as soon as you can. The
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Thermostat Settings Matter -- Tips For Maximizing Energy Efficiency

November 17, 2011 Mike Behr
If you're looking for a way to maximize your energy efficiency, ensure that your indoor environment is always comfortable, and reduce your heating and cooling costs, then
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When You Neglect Filter Changes, Your Furnace Efficiency Is Bound To Suffer

November 15, 2011 Mike Behr
It won't be long before you turn on your furnace for the fall and winter heating season -- which means it's time to look at your furnace filter. It may be clogged with di
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Improve Comfort And Efficiency In Your Household With These Tips For Setting

November 10, 2011 Mike Behr
In climates that have frigid winters, correct settings on your whole-house humidifier will improve the comfort and energy efficiency of your home, and even alleviate and/
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Has Hot Water Become An Issue? Try Insulating Your Water Heater

November 8, 2011 Mike Behr
Are you looking to save significantly on your hot-water expenses? Did you know that as much as 25 percent of your energy costs are associated with you water heater? Well,
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If You've Been Planning An HVAC Upgrade, Make Your Move While 2011 Tax Credits Are Still In Effect

November 3, 2011 Mike Behr
Have you been thinking about replacing your furnace or installing a central air-conditioning system? If you act by December 31, 2011, not only will you save money on your
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Buying A Boiler: Use AFUE To Determine Heating Efficiency

November 1, 2011 Mike Behr
When it comes to boilers, size matters. But don't look for the biggest boiler. Look for the biggest number: that is, look for the AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency
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How To Size Your Replacement Water Heater

October 27, 2011 Mike Behr
Winter is just around the corner, and when it gets chilly, you likely think that having a large-capacity water heater is the way to go. However, if you're in the market f
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Concerned About Your Indoor Air Quality? Ten Things You Can Do To Make It Better

October 25, 2011 Mike Behr
Fear of poor indoor air quality is an understandable concern that can be remedied by following a few basic tips. Here are 10 tips to cleaner indoor air: Furnaces and wat
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A Guide To Trouble-Shooting Problems With Your Sump Pump

October 20, 2011 Mike Behr
If your basement has a tendency to flood during heavy rain, you probably have a sump pump that helps prevent water damage. Just a few inches of rainwater can cause thousa
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Check Out Your Furnace Before You Have To Start Using It

October 18, 2011 Mike Behr
Cool, clear weather is on tap most of the year in mid-Ohio, but winter does eventually come around. When it does, you'll need your furnace in top-top shape. Here are f
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Drawing Up A Strategic Energy-Saving Plan For This Winter And Beyond

October 13, 2011 Mike Behr
The best way to ensure that you conserve the most energy possible this winter is to develop a strategic plan that enables you to trim your energy use in several ways. Thi
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