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Mold Is An Unwelcome Guest, Keep Your Home From Being A Hospitable Host

May 10, 2012 Mike Behr
Everyone wants to keep their home as comfortable and safe as possible for their family and friends. With our hot sticky summers in the Mid-Ohio area, one common problem i
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Home Comfort Starts With Smart Decisions About Thermostats

May 8, 2012 Mike Behr
Keeping your indoor environment comfortable year-round is a primary goal of most homeowners, and a thermostat plays a key role in achieving this goal. Yet often homeowner
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Whole House Dehumidifiers -- The Best Way To Keep Moisture In Check

May 3, 2012 Mike Behr
The humidity in the Mid-Ohio area can make you and your family uncomfortable, creating a suffocating, oppressive feeling when it's accompanied by hot weather. Alas, comfo
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Did HVAC Maintenance Slip Your Mind This Season? A Service Agreement Can Keep You On Schedule

May 1, 2012 Mike Behr
With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it's not uncommon to forget about scheduling your annual HVAC maintenance. Fortunately, an HVAC service agreement will remind
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Thinking About Turning On The A/C? First, Have Your System Serviced Professionally

April 26, 2012 Mike Behr
With spring here, you'll be turning on the A/C before you know it. Before you do, though, it's recommended that you have your cooling equipment serviced by a licensed tec
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Don't Let Excess Dust Impede A/C Performance

April 24, 2012 Mike Behr
Excess dust has the potential to impede the performance of an A/C unit in several different ways. You may not even be aware of a dust problem with your unit, but it can c
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How Your HVAC System Can Affect Allergy Sufferers In The Home

April 19, 2012 Mike Behr
If you rely on a forced-air HVAC system, you may run into situations where allergy sufferers in your home experience distress when it's running. Forced-air systems distri
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Comparing Programmable Thermostats? 3 Key Considerations

April 17, 2012 Mike Behr
Before the programmable thermostat came on the market, there was only one way to run your HVAC system, and that was manually. If it's time for you to make the switch, her
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4 Signs Of Moisture Issues In The Attic And Your Options Moving Forward

April 12, 2012 Mike Behr
With spring arriving early in Mid-Ohio, many Ohio homeowners are dealing with moisture issues in the attic. As you inspect your attic for damage, it's important to know w
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Will Solar Energy Work For Your Home?

April 10, 2012 Mike Behr
If you are considering converting to solar energy, your first step should be to determine whether your home is suitable. While rooftop sun exposure is the most important
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Is Inadequate Insulation Costing You Energy Dollars?

April 5, 2012 Mike Behr
Inadequate insulation can add substantial costs to heating and cooling your home, causing your HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) equipment to work overtime
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Considering An A/C Upgrade? Consult An Experienced HVAC Contractor

April 3, 2012 Mike Behr
If last summer's heat left you thinking about an A/C upgrade, now is an excellent time to act. Demand for air-conditioning installations, and the expert technicians that
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