How To Prepare Your Home For Summer!

How To Prepare Your Home For Summer!

With the summer months coming soon, it is more important than ever to get some summer home maintenance tips. It can be confusing knowing how to prepare your home for summer, but with the HVAC professionals here at Joe Behr, you can rest easy!

Make Sure HVAC Systems Are Working.

It is always bad when HVAC systems go haywire, and it's even worse during Summer! No one wants to be left in the hot humid weather that comes with the Summer season. So, make sure that you are consistently checking your HVAC systems. Some fixes are easy, such as installing a new filter and clearing any debris or dirt that can build up. Cleaning two or three feet around your HVAC systems will allow for proper ventilation. However, if you notice something that seems more intense, or if you think you need a new system for the season, check out what we offer!

Confirm Your Fans Are Rotating Counterclockwise

Having your ceiling fans rotate in a counterclockwise motion allows for the cool air to be pushed down, instead of being sucked up. This makes your rooms and home much cooler! If you happen to also be using air conditioning, then having the fans go counterclockwise makes it so that the cool air is evenly distributed throughout the room. So, when you need to prepare for the Summer season, making sure your fans are going the right way is imperative.

Do Some Spring Cleaning

Cleaning your home for the Summer, while time-consuming, is super important. Dust builds up throughout Winter, and can dampen your HVAC systems, leading to a hot and humid home. So, bust out your duster, vacuum, and any other cleaning supplies, and get started! Deep cleaning allows you to spot any issues with your cooling systems as well. 

Install A New Thermostat

When the Summer sun begins to shine, the temperatures in your home will surely rise. Make sure that you have the latest thermostat technology to ensure your home is cool for the Summer. A properly working thermostat can give your home better efficiency in both heating and cooling that cannot be achieved otherwise. No matter how well your furnace or air conditioning unit is rated, without a good thermostat you may as well throw your money out the window. If your thermostat is either not properly registering the temperature or not switching your systems off and on, you may be looking at living in a state of constant discomfort. We make sure that this doesn't happen Wanna learn more? Check out our thermostat options today!

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