Getting Your Air Conditioner Ready for Warm Weather

Getting Your Air Conditioner Ready for Warm Weather

This past winter has been one of the worst we have seen in North Central Ohio for quite a few years. Between the big snowfall in January, the subzero temperatures of the polar vortex, bouts of high wind, and the constant warm-up/cooling we are experiencing, you can bet that almost everyone is looking forward to spring to come around finally. Punxsutawney Phil said we are going to have an early spring, but it isn’t looking that way so far. But it will warm up eventually, and when that happens, you want to make sure your central air conditioning unit is ready to go before you set your thermostat to cool.

Remove the Cover

The first step in getting your air conditioner ready for the spring is to remove the cover if you have one. When the air conditioning unit is run with the cover on, there is no way for it to expel the heat it has removed from your house. Not removing the cover can cause damage that may require the replacement of your unit.

Inspect Unit Panels

Your central air conditioning unit has panels that serve two purposes. They are there to protect the electronics within and protect people and animals from those electronics. If these panel covers are missing, you need to have them replaced before using your system.

Check and Replace Pipe Insulation

The pipes going to and from your house are essential parts to keeping your home comfortable in the hot summer months. If the insulation on the large copper pipe is damaged, the best-case scenario is an increase in your cooling bill. The worst case is that it gets so overworked you must replace the entire unit. Please note that only the large copper pipe should be insulated.

Remove Brush and Trash from around the Unit

When the cold winter winds blow, trash and other debris will likely end up near your air conditioning unit. You will want to clean this area up, so the unit will work as efficiently as possible.

Change the Air Filters

Your furnace has been cranking out warm air for you all winter, which means that your filter is ready to be changed. The rule of thumb is every 90 days. If it helps you remember, you can change it at every new season.

Clean the Grills

Cleaning the vent grills is another tip to do as each season changes. Use a vacuum with an attachment to clean all of the register vents to make sure that any dust, pet hair, or other debris is removed. Cleaning will help ensure you are getting the most out of your system.

Download and print this handy checklist!

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