Do I need a humidifier?

Humidifiers work alone or as part of your heating system. During winter indoor and outdoor humidity is low. This causes health problems like itchy skin and nose bleeds Dry air also causes static electricity. Cracks in wood furniture, cabinets and doors can be observed.

Furnace humidifiers work with your furnace to help control the home environment. The humidifier provides humidity throughout the home. The humidifier provides humidity throughout the home. Humidification can increase the efficiency of the furnace. Occupants of your home are more comfortable when the humidify is around 50%. The added humidity helps you feel warmer and could lower you thermostat by a few degrees saving you energy.

The whole house humidifier works with the heating system. A pipe brings water to the humidifier an saturates a pad in a drum. The warms air blows over that pad to pick up moisture. The drum rotates to prevent loss of moisture. The drum also helps with the reduction of mold and algae growth. The addition of the moisture to the air helps reduce static. Moisture helps prevent damage to paper and wood. The moisture also permeates your mucus membranes in your nasal passages. Humidifiers require routine maintenance to prevent mold, bacteria and viruses to not thrive in the warm dark and humid environment of your heating system.

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