Solar Attic Ventilation


Attic ventilation is needed to make your home more comfortable. Solar attic ventilation have many advantages. The operate on solar energy alone. They do not five off harmful pollutants and do not use electricity. They do not need an electrician to install as they are not connected to your home's electrical system. Another advantage is they are quiet to operate. There is no noise from the motor--no humming!

Attic ventilation helps lower the cost of operating your air conditioner or heat pump. The heat from the attic finds its way to your living space. This causes your air conditioner or heat pump to work harder. With the attic ventilation fan the heat is removed.

Properly vented attics help prevent the formation of ice dams. When heat goes into the attic it can melt the snow on the roof. The water goes down the roof, under the snow, onto the gutter and eave. The cold temperature causes it to freeze. The ice can accumulate and prevent additional snow melt from draining. Then it can back up uner the roof covering causing leaks, damage to ceilings and walls, roof structure and insulation. Attic ventilation helps maintain an even attic temperatures. That prevents hot and cold spots that causes ice dams.

 Solar attic ventilation use energy from the sun to operate and require no additional electricity. This means you save up to $180 per year that you might pay to operate and electric powered attic ventilator, depending on your electric rates, size of attic and climate. Currently there is a 30% Federal Tax Credit on both the purchase price and installation costs of a Solar Powered Attic Ventilation.

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