When should I consider replacing my furnace?

When should I consider replacing my furnace?

There are many factors to consider before changing your furnace. Is the existing furnace dangerous? Older units can be dangerous to operate. A cracked heat exchanger leaks carbon monoxide gas-which is deadly. The expense of changing the heat exchanger makes it not worth repairing. With a new furnace you get a better warranty than  you would with a heat exchanger change out.

The median lifespan of a furnace is 18-20 years. If your unit is this old you should consider changing.

You also need to evaluate the cost of a repair. If the repair is 50% of a new furnace you should consider replacement. Older furnace components tend to fail one after the other. As the small repairs add up you might be surprised at what was spent on your older furnace.

If the furnace was manufactured in the 1990’s you should consider a new furnace. Today’s furnaces use less energy. Changing your furnace for a new modern unit can lower your operating cost.



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