Understanding Whole-House Humidifier Technology

A whole-house humidifier is a simple yet innovative home-comfort system, engineered to utilize the natural processes of gravity and water evaporation to humidify your home. By understanding the technology behind whole-house humidification, you can better maintain your system to enjoy a long list of benefits in your Mid-Ohio home.

Heating, plumbing and electrical systems are utilized by the whole-house humidifier. This is how all the components and systems humidify your home.

  • The humidifier is attached to the ductwork near the blower or air handler, and a water line is connected to your home’s plumbing
  • A humidistat monitors indoor humidity levels. When indoor humidity falls below the set point, the humidistat calls for humidification, much the same as a thermostat calls for heating or cooling.
  • A solenoid valve opens, and water flows into the supply line.
  • Water passes through an orifice, which reduces water pressure.
  • Water flows through a feed tube to the distribution tray. 
  • Gravity pulls water down an aluminum mesh water panel (or evaporator pad). The water panel is manufactured in such a way as to allow water to trickle down while simultaneously permitting heated air from the heating system to pass through.
  • The heated airflow vaporizes some of the water and the resulting water vapor circulates through the ductwork, carried by the heated airflow, to your home’s living spaces.
  • Excess water from the water panel collects inside the drain pan. It flows past a drain spud, through a drain tube (perhaps a PVC pipe, or clear flexible tubing) and down a drain.

Whole-house humidifier maintenance

Preventive maintenance is highly suggested at least once a year at the beginning of the heating months. The entire system must be inspected for issues with water flow and drainage. A leaky solenoid valve or a blocked drain tube can cause water damage inside your home. The water panel must be thoroughly cleaned of mineral deposits and all components checked for signs of wear.

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