A UV Light System: Even More Important During The Colder

When cold weather hits Ohio, you close your house up to keep warm air in and cold weather out. That's a good idea for keeping your energy bills under control but it also means you're not able to exchange your stale inside air for fresh outside air. That's where UV lights come in handy. 

The role of UV light systems in the winter:

  • Limit mold, mildew and allergen growth. It can be tough to find ways to ventilate your home without letting in the cold that will drive heating costs up. Mold and organic particles flourish in these conditions if you don't take steps to prevent such growth. UV light systems genetically alter the DNA structure of these tiny organisms so that they can no longer reproduce. Without a UV light system, your air filter is fighting a losing battle because mold can reproduce faster than the filter can remove mold spores from your air. 
  • Kill bacteria and smaller particles. If you were to install a hospital-grade air filter, it would remove small particles like bacteria, viruses and other tiny micro-organisms. However, it would also inhibit airflow so much that your HVAC equipment would struggle to operate and your energy bills would skyrocket. UV light systems, on the other hand, kill organic particles and deactivate them. 
  • Increase HVAC efficiency. All of the components of your system have to work together to deliver conditioned air to your living space. UV lights increase efficiency of the entire system because they limit the number of organic particles contained in the air that your HVAC filter is cleaning. This allows for the proper airflow that the system needs. It also decreases wear and tear by limiting the smaller particles that get past your filter and settle inside your HVAC system.   

To have a UV light system professionally installed or serviced in your home, please contact us at Joe Behr Plumbing & Heating. With more than 45 years of service to the Mid-Ohio area, we have the expertise to help you save money and stay comfortable and healthy all winter.  

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