Following The EnergyGuide Label To Long-Term Savings

Whatever type of large HVAC equipment purchase is on the horizon, you want to make a wise, cost-effective investment that will result in the most energy savings possible. A great way of comparing the initial purchase price and the anticipated energy savings is by following the EnergyGuide label. This bright yellow tag is found on all HVAC equipment and various other home appliances. Here’s what you need to know about following the EnergyGuide label to greater energy savings.

First, draw your attention to the upper right corner where the maker, model and size are listed. That way, you know you’re looking at the right label.

Next, glance in the upper left corner. There you’ll see several key features of this appliance. These features are also identified on the EnergyGuide labels of similar models to help you compare prices.

Then, look to the center of the label where the estimated yearly operating cost is displayed. This is the most important part of following the EnergyGuide label since you can compare this operating cost with similar models. For your convenience, the estimated yearly operating cost is set along a cost range of similar models. The further down the scale this cost is, the more energy efficient it is compared to other models of the same capacity with similar features.

Now, shift your gaze a little lower to the estimated yearly power use. Under normal circumstances, this is the amount of electricity, gas, or other power source consumed by the appliance annually. Multiply this cost by local Mid-Ohio power rates to get an accurate operating cost estimate.

Finally, peer at the lower right corner and look for the Energy Star logo. If you spot the logo, then this piece of equipment is ranked among the most energy-efficient models you can find. The results of choosing an Energy Star-qualified model are lower energy bills, more dependable operation, top-notch features and a lower environmental impact.

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