An Easy Guide To Operating And Maintaining Your Heat Pump

Maintaining your heat pump properly not only ensures that you remain comfortable during both summer and winter but also leads to lower energy bills. Well-maintained heat pumps use about 10 to 25 percent less energy than units that are neglected, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. You can perform some important maintenance tasks yourself, including the following:

  • Remove debris – Keep the outside condensing unit free of debris, such as leaves dirt or vegetation. Cut any high grass around the unit, since it might impede proper airflow.
  • Change filter – Replacing or cleaning your system's filter regularly leads to more efficient heat pump operation and better air quality for your home. Some types of filters are reusable and simply need to be cleaned before you put them back into the heat pump. Other types are disposable. Make sure you replace disposable filters with new ones the exact same size.
  • Registers – Inspect your supply and return registers, the vents that allow air into and out of the rooms in your home. Straighten any fins on the registers that appear to be bent, as fins that are out of alignment can obstruct proper air circulation.

Some maintenance tasks are best left to qualified technicians. It's best to have a professional perform the following jobs:

  • Cleaning the indoor and outdoor coils
  • Measuring for the proper amount of air flow throughout the system.
  • Check for refrigerant leaks
  • Add the prescribed amount of refrigerant to the system
  • Check for leaks in the ductwork and seal them.
  • Check motors and belts and lubricate, if necessary
  • Inspect thermostat for proper functioning

To make sure your heat pump is properly maintained, an annual service call by a qualified technician is recommended. The technician will make sure your system is functioning at peak efficiency and prevent any problems from developing.

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