The Ductless Mini Split: How It Offers All The Advantages Of A Heat Pump, And More

Heat pump technology eliminated the need for a separate furnace for heating in a central HVAC system. Ductless mini splits take that option to the next level by eliminating the ductwork required by a central system. It's often simply not feasible to install new ductwork in a home or extend existing ducts simply to accommodate a single room or zone.  The mini split consists of a compact heat pump air handler mounted in a single room and connected to an outdoor condensing unit by a conduit that conveys refrigerant between the components. 

Here some of the pros of adding a ductless mini split to your home:

Easy install

Interior installation of a ductless system requires only space for the small air handler and a three-inch hole in an exterior wall to route the refrigerant/power conduit to the outdoor compressor unit. Because of this low-impact installation, ductless mini splits generally are allowed great latitude in local building codes. In most residential applications, installation of a ductless mini split for a single room or zone can be performed by a two-person crew in one day, reducing the disruption to daily life.  

With the compressor located outdoors and only a low-speed blower operating in the room, a ductless unit is quieter and less intrusive than a window unit.  

A single outdoor compressor/coil unit can serve up to four interior heat pump air handlers. Homeowners can later expand on a single-room mini split by adding additional air handlers and running more conduit without the need to purchase additional outdoor units. 

Because a ductless unit cools or heats only one room or zone and is controlled by a single thermostat inside the room, the efficiency and convenience for that room is high. Central ducted units serve all rooms in a residence, whether they're occupied or not, and are often controlled by multiple thermostats. This degrades overall system efficiency.

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