Preventing Mold Growth In The Drip Pan Of Your A/C: 3 Foolproof Tips

As wonderful as it is to enjoy the hot summer weather, it can be equally as wonderful to head inside for some air conditioned relief. Your cooling system is hard at work this time of year, but if not properly maintained, your A/C can have a negative impact on your indoor air quality. Because these appliances create ample moisture as they're cooling the air, there's a risk for mold growth in the drip pan. Mold in your home can create a health hazard for occupants, especially those with respiratory ailments and allergies. Here are three tips to reduce that risk:

  1. Don’t slack on the housework. There are several factors required for mold growth: spores, food, moisture and adequate temperature. Mold spores are virtually everywhere, including the dust inside your home. Regular dusting can significantly cut down on the amount of spores that make their way into your ductwork, and ultimately, the A/C. Use a microfiber or electrostatic cloth to trap dust and prevent it from resettling.
  2. Change the air filter. One of the easiest ways to prevent mold growth in the drip pan of your A/C is through regular filter changes. A clean filter can trap airborne particles, but air that's blown through a clogged filter merely scatters particles, allowing them to spread among A/C components. Once they make their way to the drip pan where moisture is present, mold growth may begin. During the peak cooling season, change your filter every four to six weeks.
  3.  Perform a visual inspection. Your air conditioner cycles a great deal of water, and much of it passes through the drip pan. Make a habit of regularly inspecting the pan, which is designed to self drain and should have no standing water. If you find an excessive amount, turn off the unit, empty and clean the pan, and call us for service right away.

If you have concerns about mold growth in the drip pan of your A/C, call the experts at Joe Behr Plumbing and Heating. With our more than 45 years of experience in the HVAC industry, it’s easy to see why so many Mid-Ohio residents rely on us.

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