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Preparing For The Next Blackout: Your Checklist

Living in the Mid-Ohio area, we're all familiar with summer storms, some of which can lead to prolonged blackouts. The eastern half of the nation has already been hit by unprecedented blackouts this summer. How long you may be without power is as unpredictable as the storms themselves, so it pays to be prepared. A power outage will leave you without the extras, such as television or internet service, but also the necessities like the ability to cool your home or food. Take a look at the following checklist, to help you prepare for the next blackout.

  • Stock up on batteries. Battery-operated items such as a radio and television can come in handy to find out when power may be restored; a battery-powered lamp is a much safer alternative to candles or gas lanterns. Having multiple flashlights is a good idea, too.
  • Store water. When preparing for the next blackout, purchase and fill several one-gallon water jugs to keep in storage. Allow for one gallon per person, and change the water twice a year.
  • Stock your pantry. Keep plenty of non perishable food items on hand, such as canned goods, crackers and cereal. Before your refrigerated food starts to spoil, BBQ the meats so they'll last a bit longer on ice.
  • Keep cash on hand. In the event that there's no electricity, ATM machines won’t function. Secure some cash to buy any items you may need during the blackout.
  • Protect your electronics. A surge protector can be an invaluable tool to save your expensive electronics from damage during a storm and when the power comes back on. Turn off or unplug any larger appliance so they won't be damaged or cause damage when the electricity switches on.
  • Keep the car's gas tank topped up. Gas pumps require electricity. Keep your gas tank at least half full at all times so you're able to leave the blackout area if necessary.  
  • Stay connected. Keep your cell phone charged, and have at least one plug-in phone in your home; cordless phones won’t work during an outage.

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