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A 4-Pronged Approach To Maintaining Your Air Conditioner

Although air conditioners are complicated appliances, homeowners can do some of the maintenance themselves to prolong the system life and lower the operating costs. These maintenance tasks are simple to do, require few tools and don't take long, though a few of these will require an HVAC technician.

  1. Clean or change the filter for the blower. Dirt that accumulates on the filter slows airflow through the system, increasing wear and tear, along with your electric bill. If enough dust collects inside the blower, it can interfere with the efficiency of the evaporator coil, causing your compressor to run needlessly, possibly resulting in a breakdown. During the summer, make a note to check the filter monthly to keep your system working at its best.
  2. Remove any vegetation or debris that is close to your compressor and hose off the dirt and dust from the fins of the outdoor compressor. When dust builds on these fragile fins, the compressor can't exhaust the heat from your home as well, adding to your electric bill. If the fins are bent, use a fin comb, available at a home improvement store, to straighten them. 
  3. Have an HVAC technician clean the coil inside the air conditioner. While hosing off the fins helps, the coil is inside the compressor's case, making it harder to get to. The technician can also clean the evaporator coil inside the blower, increasing the cooling capacity indoors.
  4. Clear the drainpipe for the air conditioner. This pipe removes the condensation that comes from your air. A clogged drain can back up the water into your home, causing extensive damage. Sometimes the pipes are long and require long snakes that HVAC technicians use to remove all the debris that collects in the pipe, including algae, bugs and plant debris.

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