Three Lifestyle Changes That Will Lower Your Hot-Water Use

It's amazing how much minor changes to heating and cooling systems can reduce utility costs. For example, Mid-Ohio residents can lower hot water use and achieve lower utility bills, leaving money for other household needs. Try these three lifestyle changes to save energy and money:

  • Even a five-minute shower can waste gallons of water. One effective way of getting super clean without running up water and heating bills is by installing a low-flow shower head. Gone are the days when low-flow meant low pressure. There are many shower-heads available that emit a great amount of pressure while using less water.
  • Hot water use in a washing machine is often unnecessary. Most clothing gets clean in cold or warm water. Instead of using scalding water for every load, switch to a washing machine that easily allows you to change the wash and rinse temperature. There are laundry detergents specifically designed for cold water use. This is an excellent choice for those concerned about whether their normal laundry detergent will do an effective job in cooler water.
  • Gas and heating bills soar when hot water heater temperatures are too high. 120 degrees is ideal for nearly all warm-water needs in a home. This also lowers the risk of scalding, especially for families with children. Lower that thermostat, and within two months, the costs difference is obvious.

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