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Manual J: Does Your HVAC Pro Know It Chapter And Verse?

When it comes to selecting the perfect air conditioner for your home, use your HVAC professional's expertise to make the right choice. But first make sure that your contractor is well versed in the fine art of load calculations using Manual J. Created by HVAC engineers, this sizing protocol helps determine the cooling requirements of individual dwellings. Here are three ways that your HVAC technician’s understanding of Manual J will bring out the best in your climate control system:


Of utmost importance when choosing an air conditioner is your comfort. Using Manual J, your professional should calculate the sensible and latent cooling loads of your home. These calculations will tell him the exact amount of heat and moisture that your air conditioner will need to remove from your living space to provide you with optimum comfort.


To get the most bang for your buck, you need to invest in an air conditioner that will work with maximum efficiency. A system that's too big or small for your home will require more energy than an air conditioner that was sized correctly with Manual J. In general, a too-large A/C will cycle often and on too often, not providing balanced cooling to your home. One that's too small will overwork itself trying to meet the temperature requirements of your thermostat.

Air Quality

Your HVAC professional should size your equipment properly to optimize indoor air quality. Cooling equipment that's too large cannot effectively remove humidity from your home. With all that excess moisture in the air, your home will feel uncomfortable and will become an ideal place for unwanted mildew and mold to grow. In addition, an over-sized A/C won't run continuously enough to adequately filter your air.

When you choose to install a new air conditioner, select an HVAC profession to correctly calculate your cooling loads with Manual J. A properly sized climate control system will pay you back in comfort and energy savings.

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