Your New A/C: In Addition To The SEER Ratings, Take A Look At These Features

What qualities are you looking for in a new air conditioner? Undoubtedly, you already know the importance of high SEER ratings if you want your system to operate efficiently. SEER, which stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, measures the amount of energy consumed relative to the amount of cool air that is produced. SEER ratings of 13 and higher can qualify for the Energy Star label, though you can find units with higher ratings for even more savings.

In addition to SEER ratings, take a look at these other features when shopping for a new A/C:

  • High EER Rating: EER, or Energy Efficiency Ratio, tells how efficiently an air conditioner can operate when the unit is under the most strain. Obviously, these ratings are similar to SEER ratings, but they are important for making sure you’ll stay cool, even on the hottest summer days in the Mid-Ohio area. Look for an EER rating of 11.6 or higher for the most efficient operation.
  • Variable-Speed Air Handler: A/Cs with this feature have the ability to run at variable speeds. Under normal conditions, the unit will run on low almost continually. This helps dehumidify and filter air in your home, and reduces the wear caused by the frequent on and off cycles of systems with only a single-speed air handler. They also are more energy efficient than one-speed systems.
  • Quiet Operation: This is a feature worth looking for so you can remain comfortable without a loud droning sound in the background.
  • Fan-Only Switch: At night when it’s cooler, the fan-only switch can be used for ventilation. You’ll stay comfortable while saving significantly on cooling costs, since the compressor doesn’t run in fan-only mode.
  • Filter Check Light: After a certain number of operating hours, this light will illuminate, telling you that now is the right time to change the filter.
  • Automatic-Delay Fan Switch: This feature keeps the fan running for a few minutes after the compressor has shut off. That way, all the cool air in the ductwork is distributed around your home.

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