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Reducing Your Risk Of Water Damage When The A/C's Going All The Time

Like any Mid-Ohio summer, this year your air conditioner’s going to be working overtime on certain days producing cool air. It will also be producing something else: Condensation and the risk of water damage. Up to 20 gallons of condensation a day is generated when warm, moist summer air meets the cold evaporator coil in your central air conditioner. If the system’s in order, the water's collected and drained away through a line plumbed into your home’s sewer. If a malfunction occurs or condensation is produced faster than the drain can accommodate it, gallons of overflow could damage your home before you become aware of it. You can cut the risk of water damage by taking a few preventative steps before those long, hot days set in.

  • Change your air conditioner filter on schedule. A dirty filter strangles system air flow, making the air conditioner run longer to meet thermostat setting. This causes over-production of condensation. Make sure the inlet grille on the outside central air conditioner is kept free of debris and obstructions, too.  
  • Schedule a seasonal inspection with your HVAC contractor. As part of the service, he’ll inspect the drip pan that collects condensation. He’ll also verify that the primary and backup drain lines are functioning plus check the evaporator coil for accumulation of dirt or mold that can increase condensation.
  • Have the drip pan and drain line treated to prevent growth of algae that interferes with drain function.
  • Ask about a safety float switch. Your HVAC contractor can install a switch inside the condensate drip pan to sense overflow conditions before they happen and automatically turn off power to the air conditioner. This prevents water damage and alerts you to call for service. 
  • Be alert to warning signs. Water flowing out of the emergency backup drain means the primary drain is plugged and overflow may result. Switch off power to the A/C and inform your HVAC service contractor.

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