Did HVAC Maintenance Slip Your Mind This Season? A Service Agreement Can Keep You On Schedule

With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it's not uncommon to forget about scheduling your annual HVAC maintenance. Fortunately, an HVAC service agreement will remind you when your heating and cooling unit requires servicing.

Benefits of a Service Agreement

A HVAC maintenance service agreement protects your wallet from unexpected and expensive heating and cooling system breakdowns. A HVAC service agreement is designed to ensure your system is running efficiently, properly and safely all year long. With the service agreement, you will get peace of mind that your unit is functioning properly, with no more worries about sudden malfunctions and a longer lifespan for your HVAC system.

What to Expect During a Service Maintenance

During a routine service call, the professional HVAC technician will check your system’s electrical connections as well as measure the current and voltage on the motors. A malfunctioning electrical connection can pose a safety hazard and damage heating and cooling equipment. The technician will also lubricate the system’s moving parts to reduce friction, test the unit’s controls, and ensure the condensation drain is clear and free of clogs. These are only a few of the services you can expect during the maintenance process.

How Can I Keep My HVAC System Working Properly

Besides regular HVAC maintenance, replacing the air filter as specified by your unit’s manufacturer (usually at least once every three months) will ensure your system is functioning properly. A clogged air filter causes the unit to work harder, which increases the energy used and wears down the system. In addition, consider upgrading your HVAC air filter. Ask your HVAC professional for advice on which type of filter will be best for your circumstances and equipment.

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