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How Your Heating System Works To Maintain Comfort And Efficiency

Three separate systems in your home combine to create comfortable temperatures during the cold weather months. If you learn how your heating system works, which includes the furnace, ductwork and thermostat, you can take the necessary steps to boost energy savings and comfort.

Your furnace uses fuel to generate heat, which is then distributed throughout your home via the ductwork system. The thermostat’s setting creates a balance point for which the furnace will produce heat in order to meet that temperature.

Here’s what you can do to keep these three systems are working at peak capacity:

Your furnace requires regular maintenance to operate efficiently. Without maintenance, dirt builds up within the furnace system, and wear and tear increases, which can lead to a system breakdown. Annual maintenance will ensure that your system is in good condition at all times.

Another component of your furnace system that requires attention is the filter. A clean filter helps to keep dirt out of the furnace (and your indoor air), so it’s critical that you change your furnace filter regularly during the high use seasons.

Your home’s ductwork distribution system requires maintenance as well. Over time, the connections between the duct pipes can loosen, which allows conditioned air to leak out and leads to energy losses. To keep heated air inside ductwork, use mastic sealant or foil tape to seal ducts.

It’s also possible that, with the passing of time, duct sections will actually disconnect, allowing a significant portion of air to escape from the system. Use mastic to reseal disconnected ducts, along with duct ties.

You can also use the thermostat to your advantage to ensure comfort and savings. By setting the home's temperature back, during the night and while the home is unoccupied, you can save incrementally over the winter — and year-round. A programmable thermostat will help you to schedule regular setbacks.

When you know how your heating system works, you can ensure system efficiency, maximize comfort and lock in energy savings. If you’d like help with your home heating and cooling needs, please contact Joe Behr Plumbing & Heating today! Serving Mid-Ohio homeowners since 1965.

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