Troubleshooting Furnace Problems Before Calling The Pros

When homeowners in the Mid-Ohio region have problems with their heating systems — especially during the height of a frigid winter — these problems can often lead to a period of time without heat. And any number of days without heat is an inconvenience. If your furnace malfunctions this winter, troubleshooting furnace problems can help you avoid an unnecessary service call, while giving you a better idea of knowing when the situation calls for professional help.

Most homeowners can successfully navigate a few tasks to assess the condition of the furnace, even if they have little to no knowledge of how a furnace works. However, beyond the tasks listed below, you should call an expert for help, because beyond assessing temperature and the power source, you could risk damaging your valuable home heating equipment, and incurring significant repairs — not to mention risking the dangers that fuel-powered heating systems pose.

Here’s what you can do:

Evaluate the thermostat

The thermostat must be set to the “heat” mode in order to signal to the furnace that it’s time to start working. Check the lever, and move it to heating mode if necessary.

Then try setting the temperature of the home higher than the existing temperature; otherwise the heat won’t come on. For instance, if the thermostat indicates the home is at 68 degrees, set it to 72 degrees, and see if the furnace comes on.

Assess power sources

The heating system will have several power sources that it connects to. The first is the home’s main power supply. Check the circuit breaker for a tripped or blown fuse. Then, flip the main power switch on the furnace itself to “on.”

Inspect airflow

A few other components you can check include the filter and airflow.

  • If the filter's dirty, change it.
  • The duct supply and return registers should not be blocked in any way.

Are you troubleshooting furnace problems to no avail? For help in the Mid-Ohio area, homeowners can call Joe Behr Plumbing & Heating. We’ve served homeowners in the area since 1965, and know how to ensure comfort and efficiency in our Midwest climate. Call us today!

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