How You'll Benefit From Variable-Speed Blower Motor Operation

A variable-speed blower is a fan that works in conjunction with your heating and cooling system providing multiple airflow speeds. Variable-speed blowers offer many advantages over traditional, single-speed blowers. These benefits provide energy savings, efficiency boosting and even improved air quality to your mid-Ohio home. Adding a multiple-speed blower adds the following benefits to your heating and cooling system:

  • Efficiency: The variable speeds on the blower allow the unit to operate at different speeds throughout the day. When greater heating or cooling power is necessary, the blower operates at the higher speeds. When less heating and cooling power is necessary, the blower uses a slower speed. This gives variable-speed blowers up to an 82 percent efficient rating.
  • Noise reduction: A multiple-speed blower uses less sound while blowing at lower speeds. This means that there is less fan disruption throughout the day. A quieter-operating unit keeps the house quiet.
  • Saves money: When the fan blows at a lower speed, less energy is used. The less energy your blower uses, the lower your heating and cooling bills. Variable-speed motors can save significant money over the course of several years.
  • Improved air quality: The ability to change the flow rate of the air through the duct system, the air circulates throughout the room at a more efficient rating. The higher the level of circulation in your home, the more dust and dirt will get trapped inside your filtration system.
  • Humidity: Multiple-speed blowers can also help control the humidity levels in your home. Many systems come in conjunction with a humidification system. The two systems work together to keep your home at a humidity rate between 30 and 50 percent.

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