When You Neglect Filter Changes, Your Furnace Efficiency Is Bound To Suffer

It won't be long before you turn on your furnace for the fall and winter heating season -- which means it's time to look at your furnace filter. It may be clogged with dirt, dust, pet hair and dander. A dirty furnace filter is a certain way to increase the cost of heating your home this winter, along with increasing the wear and tear of the internal parts.

Mid-Ohio winters are unpredictable at best, and when the temperatures sink your furnace runs frequently. When your filter is dirty, air cannot flow easily through the furnace and your ducts do not deliver as much air, wasting not only heating fuel, but also energy. Clean filters also can help reduce allergy and asthma symptoms.

When you have a forced-air furnace, checking and changing the filters (every one to three months) can extend the life of your system and create a more comfortable home. Also, technology exists to alert you when to change your filters, so you're not disposing of good filters or retaining dirty filters too long. 

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