HSPF: A Rating To Take Seriously When You're Purchasing A Heat Pump

With so many different heat pumps on the market, it can be confusing and overwhelming for a homeowner who's looking to buy one. Obviously, the most effective heat pumps are usually considered the best. But how do you know which heat pumps are the most effective? Simple -- look for its HSPF rating.

HSPF (heating seasonal performance factor) ratings measure the heating efficiency of a heat pump. Ratings are calculated by taking the amount of heating required during a heating season and the total electrical energy used by a heat pump and dividing these two numbers. Then you have the HSPF rating.

  • If the HSPF rating of a heat pump is between 8 and 10, this means that the heat pump will be effective in heating your home.
  • A high HSPF rating also tells you that the heat pump system’s compressor and electric-resistance elements use energy efficiently.
  • Heat pumps with HSPF ratings higher than 7.7 are awarded an Energy Star label. If you purchase a heat hump with the Energy Star label, you could get a tax break on your purchase. An Energy Star label on your heat pump also indicates increased energy savings.
  • Keep in mind that HSPF ratings do not measure the cooling efficiency of a heat pump system. SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) ratings do.

To find the HSPF rating of a heat pump, look at its EnergyGuide label. Every heat pump that is sold in the country is required to have this label. The EnergyGuide label will give you the product’s HSPF rating, and you’ll also find other important information on the label, including the SEER rating.

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