What NATE Certification Ensures When You Hire A Heating And Cooling Contractor

When hiring a contractor to upgrade your home comfort system, or even just for simple repairs, one should look to hire only contractors that bare NATE Certifications.  The acronym NATE stands for North American Technician Excellence.  Contractors bearing this certification have a distinctive advantage over their counterparts.  Being NATE certified means that an HVAC technician successfully completed the HVAC exams associated with earning NATE certification.  This certification assures employers and clients alike that the employed technician is certified to adhere to a certain standard of excellence.  A NATE certified technician can help offer consumers a sense of peace of mind knowing that they have placed the care of their HVAC needs in the safe hands of a NATE technician.

NATE certification is an essential component of HVAC services on a whole, not just as it relates to employers and consumers.  The instructors that teach  HVAC technology also rely on NATE certification.  It is through the certification that the vocational school ensures that the students are being properly taught how to perform as an HVAC technician.  The manufacturers of HVAC goods rely on NATE certified technicians for the proper installation, and therefore proper operation, of their goods.  If a technician is not NATE certified and an error in the installation occurs, it may reflect negatively on the distributor and the distributed goods.

Whether considering contracting an HVAC technician for new installation, repairs, or a complete home comfort system upgrade, one thing that must be considered is whether or not the technician possesses a NATE certification.  Without certification, the technician is a liability, as he is more likely to make a vital error than a certified technician.  NATE certification is as important a component in choosing an HVAC service contractor as the materials needed to complete the task.  You wouldn’t entrust your surgery to a person that has never attended medical school, so why entrust your HVAC system to a technician that is not certified as being one of excellence.  For more information about NATE certified technicians, or to speak with a representative about contracting NATE certified technicians, visit us at http://lennoxdealer.com/joebehr/2-about.aspx

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