Up To $1,900 In Lennox Rebates And Federal Tax Credits Make This Summer An Optimal Time To Upgrade

Upgrading to new heating and cooling equipment is an ideal way to get better energy savings. However, after taking the first step in looking to upgrade you may be weary after seeing a few price quotes. Savings from Lennox's manufacturer rebates along with tax credits from the government can make upgrading a more feasible option, however.

Lennox rebates are significant. Their current national HVAC rebate program provides up to $1,100 for a Home Comfort System, which includes an air-conditioning or furnace system, a thermostat and an air cleaner or indoor air-quality unit.

That may seem like a deal in itself, but it does not have to stop there. You can earn an additional $300 from Lennox when you purchase four solar modules. The Home Comfort System and solar energy are high-efficiency systems designed to cut utility bills and pollution, and it just so happens that they will also reduce your energy bills significantly.

Decreasing energy use and pollution is the motivation behind the government's tax credits. Up to $500 can be claimed in federal tax credits for qualifying air-conditioning systems, heat pumps, or furnaces. Together, these rebates total up to $1900, just for making the smart choice and upgrading to save, enjoy, and relax in the comfort of your own home.

Take advantage of tax credits and rebates when you upgrade to a new heating or cooling system. You'll see an immediate effect in your home's total energy use and your wallet. Joe Behr Plumbing and Heating is your neighborhood's expert installation team ready to get you started with your new Lennox Home Energy System. Contact us anytime, and we'll be glad to answer your questions.

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