How Your HVAC Contractor Will Tailor Your High-Efficiency Air Conditioner To The Unique Requirements Of Your Home

Proper sizing is just as important to long-term system efficiency as the SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) or energy-enhancing features you may find on today’s high-efficiency air conditioners. When an air conditioner is oversized by careless or inexperienced high-efficiency air conditioners, it can tend to cut off too early, meaning it doesn’t have sufficient time to properly dehumidify household air. Thus, an improperly sized system can negatively affect household comfort and energy savings, in effect defeating the purpose of the upgrade.

How can residents of Mid-Ohio ensure that their air-conditioner upgrades are properly sized? The best way to protect yourself against improper sizing is to find a contractor who uses technicians that have been certified by a nationally recognized program such as NATE (North American Technician Excellence). This will ensure that your technician is a proven expert in the latest HVAC technology and techniques.

Thus, instead of attempting to size your new cooling system based on existing equipment, a certified technician will perform a proper load calculation and tailor your system to meet the unique needs of your household. Using a recognized method such as the Air Conditioning Contractors of America’s Manual J, a certified technician will size your air conditioner based on factors such as:

  • Local climate.
  • Household size, layout, and orientation.
  • Adequacy of insulation.
  • Window location, size, and type.
  • Air infiltration.
  • Ductwork efficiency.
  • Household occupancy, routine, and comfort preferences.
  • Energy-efficiency of lighting and major appliances.

Each of these unique factors must be considered to determine the necessary cooling capacity of your Mid-Ohio household. That’s what makes attempting to base sizing estimates on existing equipment a costly mistake. Not only does it assume that the existing system was sized properly initially, it also overlooks potential upgrades to household energy-efficiency that may have taken place since the prior system was installed.

As you can see, a high-efficiency air-conditioner upgrade is only as efficient as the technicians who size and install it. If you're considering an upgrade, let our certified technicians ensure that the system you choose is the most appropriate for the unique needs of your household. For expert consultation, contact Joe Behr Plumbing & Heating today!

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