Yes, You Can Still Get Tax Credits For An Investment In Energy-Efficient Equipment

It seems that the federal government was pretty serious about encouraging energy-efficient home improvements, because many excellent credits were extended and are still available this year. Some mid-Ohio homeowners have heard otherwise, so we thought we would outline the home heating and cooling credits for 2011. 

If you are thinking about a new home comfort system or an upgrade of your current one, this is a perfect time to act. By the time next April rolls around, you'll be glad you did.

2011 HVAC tax credits for qualifying equipment:

Heat pumps (electric) including installation: $300 if rated at least 14 (15 for split systems)

Air circulating fans, advanced main units in central A/C systems: $50 or 30 percent of equipment cost, provided that the fan uses 2 percent or less of furnace energy

Heating units/ or boilers installation included: $150 for equipment rated at least 90 on the AFUE (efficiency) scale of 90 or at least 95 for gas or propane units

Central A/C installation costs included: $300 for A/C with a SEER efficiency rating of at least 14, split systems must be rated at least 16

Geothermal heat pumps: 30 percent of the cost with no limit

Solar energy systems: 30 percent of your cost with no limit

Other energy saving home improvements may qualify for credits as well. Check out the complete information on topics like insulation and roofing on Energy Savers.

For help sorting through the rules and qualifications for federal HVAC tax credits, contact the local experts at Joe Behr Plumbing and Heating. We'll be glad to explain your options and let you know about any local rebates as well. Please visit our website for HVAC information or to contact us.  

Our goal is to help educate our customers about energy and home comfort issues (specific to HVAC systems). 

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