How A Programmable Thermostat Optimizes The Efficiency Of Your Cooling System

Programmable thermostats are proven money savers that make precise control of your home's temperature easy. Energy Savers notes that homeowners can save 10 percent on heating and cooling costs by setting back the thermostat by 10-15 degrees. With a programmable thermostat, this is a simple, painless task. While you are away from home or sleeping, the unit will carry out your pre-set program and reduce your energy use. You can set the unit to keep your home at 78 degrees when you're in and need the A/C, and allow it to go up to 88 otherwise.

You can choose from digital, electromechanical or combination thermostats with programmable capability. Digital units generally offer more features such as multiple program schedules allowing separate settings for each day or for weekdays and weekends, for example. They may also offer automatic adjustments for daylight savings time and other advanced options.

Electromechanical units offer less bells and whistles but are generally easier to program since they function with sliding bars or pegs, rather than a digital readout. With either type, you will have control necessary to save energy by allowing your home to warm up a bit during the night and when the family is not at home.

For proper operation, the thermostat(s) in your home must be located away from strong, direct sunlight, air currents, entrance ways and windows. Of course, your thermostat should also be conveniently located to for ease of use. Remote control features may be available as well. Programmables are compatible with most existing home comfort systems and can even be used with heat pump cooling systems.

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