What Preventive Maintenance Of Your HVAC System Involves

Here in mid-Ohio, we use our home comfort systems year-round. A little preventive maintenance will keep your heating and air conditioning systems ready to run smoothly whenever you need them. It's a good idea to schedule preventive maintenance visits in spring or fall, so that your system is ready for its hardest-working months. Those seasons are also ideal because your local contractor will have a packed schedule during mid-winter and summer. Here's a list of the services you can expect from your HVAC technician:  

  • Communication – your technician will ask if you've had any concerns about your home comfort system lately. This is the time to tell him about any strange noises or drops in performance you've noticed.
  • Testing of system controls, making certain that your system turns on, operates, and shuts off properly
  • Checking of thermostat settings and recommendations for the best temperature set points to make sure you save energy while staying comfy
  • Checking of refrigerant, adding or replacing as needed
  • Lubrication of moving parts
  • Cleaning or changing of air filters (Homeowners should remember to replace filters monthly between service calls.)
  • Checking of central air conditioner's condensate drain for clogs which could bring mold or water damage
  • Adjusting and cleaning of the blower to increase system efficiency, air flow and comfort
  • Cleaning of evaporator, condenser and coils
  • Inspection of electrical connections as well as current and motor voltage to avoid a breakdown or any potentially hazardous conditions
  • And even more

The local HVAC experts at Joe Behr Plumbing and Heating are ready to assist you with questions you may have about HVAC system maintenance. Our well-trained professionals are experienced in the most efficient methods of servicing your heating and cooling system, whether it's many years old or practically brand new. 

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